Provisional Liquidator

111. Appointment of Provisional Liquidator.

(1) After the admission of a petition for the winding-up of a LLP by the Tribunal, upon the application of a creditor, or a partner, or of the LLP, and upon proof by affidavit of sufficient ground for the appointment of a Provisional Liquidator, subject to rules 27 and 28, the Tribunal, if it thinks fit, and upon such terms as in the opinion of the Tribunal shall be just and necessary, may appoint the Liquidator to be Provisional Liquidator of the LLP pending final orders on the winding-up petition.

(2) Where the LLP is not the applicant, notice of the application for appointment of Provisional Liquidator shall be given to the LLP unless the Tribunal, for special reasons to be recorded (in writing), dispenses with the notice. The order appointing the Provisional Liquidator shall set out the restrictions and limitations, if any, on his powers imposed by the Tribunal. The order shall be in Form No. 30 with such variations as may be necessary.